Duplex Industrial Water Softener

  1.  Product: Duplex Industrial Water Softener
  2.  Water flow:  14 GPM  Upto  305 GPM
  3.  Vessel Size:  16×65, 21×60, 24×69, 36×73, 42×78, 63×103
  4.  Clack Control Valve: 1” up to 3”
  5.  Brine Tank : 100, 150, 200, upto 500 Ltr.
  6.  Backwash –hydraulic cleaning up-flow
  7.  Slow rinse –displaces residual brine down-flow
  8.  Brine refill –restores resin to sodium form down-flow
  9.  Fast rinse –gets the resin ready for the down-flow service cycle


Ozone Spring Duplex Industrial Water Softener with a Clack Control Valve is specifically designed for continuous 24-hour operation. This water softener system also consists two main units the resin columns and brine tanks. More resin columns are required here to guarantee a constant soft water supply, with the remaining brine tank needed for regeneration of the ion exchange resin.

Features of Duplex Industrial Water Softener

Ozone Spring Duplex Industrial water softener functions as the main system for softening water used in industrial equipment. Its preventing the formation and growth of limescale, thus extends the lifetime of Industrial appliances. This process is called ion exchange, and removes harsh manganese, iron, calcium, and magnesium ions from your incoming water supply. Setting up an Ozone Spring Duplex Industrial Water Softener can effectively resolve these problems. They use the ion exchange method to replace calcium with the more soluble sodium. This process is completely automated through the use of a timer control, enabling the water softener resin bed to conduct backwashing and regeneration with a brine solution as needed.

Operation & Maintanance:

It is very easy. After being configured, the system practically operates on its own. The Automatic Head handles back-flushing and clearing contaminants automatically, while the manual head requires manual clearing with a lever. Media replacement is needed around every three years for hassle free results.



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