Sand Carbon Jumbo Multimedia Filter

  1. Product: Sand Carbon Jumbo Multimedia Filter
  2. Big Blue Jumbo FIlter 3 Stages
  3. FRP Multimedia 13×54 Pentair USA
  4. Silica Sand: 25 Kg
  5. Gravel: 25 Kg
  6. Activated Carbon: 25 Kg
  7. Automatic Clack Control Valve USA
  8. In/Outlet:  1”
  9. Flow Rate: 15 Gallon Per Minutes


Ozone Spring Sand Carbon Jumbo Multimedia Filter comes fully assembled and increases filter system capacity while enhancing natural biological processes to maintain a balanced aquarium environment. Ozone Spring Sand Carbon Jumbo Filter is great for removing contaminants from your Home. It is massive and ideal for big aquariums with higher bio-load. This system includes a filter with media, fittings, and an air pump to produce bubbles for water circulation.

Features of Sand Carbon Jumbo Multimedia Filter

Our combination of Sand and Carbon filters offers the top filtration system for your entire home. Sand filter media decreases ammonia and nitrites naturally, whereas activated carbon eliminates discolorations and unpleasant tastes from water through adsorption. This combination is perfect for any freshwater or saltwater tank.

Ozone Spring Sand Carbon Jumbo Multimedia Filter is highly effective in eliminating suspended organic and inorganic solids from water. Media filtration is the most effective method for this goal. These filters function based on the same underlying principle as the natural groundwater filtering process. Polluted and unclean water is guided into the system via a deflector at the top in order to initiate the filtration process.


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