400 GPD Commercial RO System

  1. Product: 400 GPD Commercial RO System 
  2. Spun Sediment Filter – 20”x2.5”
  3. Activated Carbon Filter – 20”x2.5”
  4. Carbon Block Filter – 20”x2.5”
  5. Booster Pump (110/220V, 50/60 Hz)
  6. USA -RO Dow Chemical Membrane
  7. Inline Taste & Odor Filter
  8. Inline Ceramic Mineral Filter
  9. Ultra Violet (UV)
  10. High/low Pressure Switch
  11. Solenoid Valve: 1/4
  12. Stand for Filtration Unit


Ozone Spring  400 GPD Commercial RO System with 7 Stages UV-Ultraviolet 400 Gallon Per Day Reverse Osmosis drinking water Purifier systems is designed to remove particles, carbon absorption and and retention to evacuate chloring, taste, odor and chemical contaminants, as well as membrane separation down to 0.0001 microns. RO membranes remove broken up solids at the ionic level. No other filtration system can provide superior removal as compare to Ozone Spring Filtration System

Ozone Spring 400 GPD Commercial RO System


  •  Rejection rate: 95% of TDS
  •  Generation Capacity: 200/400 GPD
  •  Voltage: 220v
  •  Certification: NSF
  •  Filtration Stage: Seven
  •  Make: Ozone Spring
  •  Origin: Taiwan
  •  Total Weight: Approx 30 Kg
  •  Operation Temperature: 50C.
  •  Pressure: 70 PSI to 175 PSI
  •  The system only to be used on biologically secure water supply.
  •  It is recommended to replace filter cartridges every 2-3 months.
  •  System contains detailed installation directions with accompanying images.

Features of 400 GPD Commercial RO System

  •  The filter housing structure is both innovative and reliable, with a design that ensures    safety and makes changing filters easy
  •  Quick connect fittings. Easy installation and maintenance.
  •  The autoshut off function activates when the storage tank reaches full capacity or experiences low pressure to ensure secure and dependable operation.
  •  Compact design for space saving under-sink installations.
  •  Automatic flush feature include for longer membrane life compared to conventional  Reverse Osmosis Systems.
  •  Embraces Reverse Osmosis membrane technology which accurately filters down to 0.0001mm particles.


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