Triple Filter 10″

  1.  Product:  Triple Filter 10″
  2.  Max Working Pressure:  130 Psi
  3.  Breaking Point:  340 Psi
  4.  CYS Testing:  0-150 PSI
  5.  Connection Port Available: ¼” , ¾”
  6.  Material available for the port: Plastic
  7.  Filter Cartridge inside the filter canister can be optional


Ozone Spring Triple Filter 10" with 3 Stages water filtration, first stage PP filter, second stage granular active carbon filter, third stage block carbon filter, fourth stage inline post carbon filter, the last stage inline mineral filter cartridge. The first 3 stages are with 10” blue filter housings. Choose Ozone Spring the best water filter in uae for healthy and safe drinking water.

Triple Filter 10" Changing Duration:

3 stage water filter


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