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Ozonespring water chillers system are manufactured for GCC region, since the weather conditions of UAE are very warm during the year. So we offers wide range of water chilling systems in various designs, size and dimensions. We are able to serve customised systems for hotels and industrial applications. We have Chiller systems in stock so we quote, supply & install immediately. We have worked with companies and private villas throughout the UAE to resolve their heat loads. Innovation, simplicity and reliability through practical, technical and maintenance experience are the secrets to our success in this industry.

Advantages of Water Chiller

Chilled water is necessary for many industrial applications as it improves productivity and smoothens the industrial process thus ensuring long life for the machinery, less production time and drastic reduction in cost. Ozonespring chillers are perfect solution for every industrial and commercial cooling application. Its highly efficient with maximum energy saving and very low maintenance cost. Ozonespring chillers are capable of providing chilled water at exact temperature requested by the clients, even at any ambient temperature and different load requests. The models can be upgraded with wide variety of options and accessories available upon request Ozonespring chillers maximize productivity and minimize cost. The machines function fully in conformity with water regulations and quality.

Maximum Power Saving with a high COP. High Efficiency Piston type & Compressor.
Long life heat exchanger of SS316 shell. Low noise level.
Weather proof cabinet suitable for all climatic & atmospheric conditions. Multi programmable digital temperature control system.
ELCB to protect machines from electrical leakage. Time delay switch to avoid high starting current.
Anti-freeze protection. Digital temperature display.


A chiller is a machine that removes heat from a liquid via a vapor-compression or absorption refrigeration cycle. This liquid can then be circulated through a heat exchanger to cool equipment, or another process stream (such as air or process water).

As a necessary by product, refrigeration creates waste heat that must be exhausted to ambience, or for greater efficiency, recovered for heating purposes. Chilled water is used to cool and dehumidify air in mid- to large-size commercial, industrial, and institutional facilities.

Water chillers can be water-cooled, air-cooled, or evaporative cooled. Water-cooled systems can provide efficiency and environmental impact advantages over air-cooled systems. Ozonespring Chillers are water cooled type. Industrial chillers typically come as complete, packaged, closed- loop systems, including the chiller unit, condenser, and pump station with recirculating pump, expansion valve, no-flow shutdown, internal cold water control.

The internal tank helps maintain cold water temperature and prevents temperature spikes from occurring. Closed-loop industrial chillers recirculate a clean coolant or clean water with condition additives at a constant temperature and pressure to increase the stability and reproducibility of water-cooled machines and instruments. The water flows from the chiller to the application's point of use and back. If the water temperature differentials between inlet and outlet are high, then a large external water tank would be used to store the cold water. In this case the chilled water is not going directly from the chiller to the application, but goes to the external water tank which acts as a sort of "temperature buffer."

The cold water tank is much larger than the internal water goes from the external tank to the application and the return hot water from the application goes back to the external tank, not to the chiller. Most industrial chillers use refrigeration as the media for cooling, but some rely on simpler techniques such as air or water flowing over coils containing the coolant to regulate temperature.

Important specifications to consider when searching for industrial chillers include the total life cycle cost, the power source, chiller cooling capacity, evaporator capacity, evaporator material, evaporator type, condenser material, condenser capacity, ambient temperature, motor fan type, noise level, internal piping materials, number of compressors, type of compressor, fluid discharge temperature, and COP (the ratio between the cooling capacity in RT to the energy consumed by the whole chiller in KW). Chiller efficiency is often specified in kilowatts per refrigeration ton (kW/RT).

Product Specifications
Model Unit MT200 MT250 MT300 Mt350 MT500 MT1000 MT1250 MT1500 MT200
Nominal Cooling kW 8 10 15 20 25 35 45 55 80
Max Power Input kW 1.95 2.68 4.04 5.45 6.64 11.0 13.2 16.61 23.87
Actual Cooling
Capacity @ 35 °C
kW 6.1 8.35 12.2 16.0 19.6 31.5 39.0 49.0 73.0
Actual Cooling
Capacity @ 46 °C
kW 5.2 7.2 10.6 14.0 17.5 28.0 35.0 43.0 63.0
Max Temperature °C 53
Rated Water Flow m3/h 0.9 1.2 1.8 2.4 3.3 5 6 7.4 10.8
Controller Type AKO/SUBZERO Micro processor based digital wire controller with LCD display
Compressor type/No. Rotary/1 Scroll/1 Scroll/2
Max Temperature °C R410a
Noise Level dB(A) 56 57 63 63 63 65 65 67 71
Unit Size (W x D x H) mm 700*650*700 850*800*700 850*800*900 1500*800*1150 2100*1050*2150
Net Weight kg 60 65 92 115 125 300 310 350 390
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What is a water chiller system?
A water chiller system is a type of cooling system that uses a refrigerant to cool water and circulate it through a closed loop system. The chilled water is then used to cool equipment, processes, or spaces.
What are the benefits of a water chiller system?
A water chiller system provides efficient and reliable cooling, as well as cost savings in energy consumption compared to traditional cooling methods. Additionally, a water chiller system is low maintenance and has a long lifespan.
How does a water chiller system work?
A water chiller system works by using a refrigerant to cool water and circulate it through a closed loop system. The chilled water is then used to cool equipment, processes, or spaces. The chilled water is then circulated back to the chiller, where it is cooled again and re-circulated.
Types of water chiller systems are available?
A: There are several types of water chiller systems available, including air-cooled, water-cooled, and evaporative water chillers. Each type of chiller has its own benefits and drawbacks, so it is important to choose the right one for your application.
How often should a chiller system be serviced?
A: The frequency of service for a water chiller system depends on the type of system and the environment in which it is used. However, it is recommended that a water chiller system be serviced at least once every year to ensure optimal performance and efficiency.
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