Single Filter 10″

  1. Product: Single Filter 10″
  2. Model Number: OZ-SF10
  3. Product: Single Filter 10″
  4. Micron Rating: 5 Micron
  5. Max. Flow: 3-5 GPM
  6. Working Temperature: 4-52°C(39-126°F)
  7. Max. Pressure: 100 psi
  8. Normal working pressure: 60 psi
  9. Size: Standard 4.5” x 10”
  10. Filtration Life: Change every 4-6 months / 13,000 gallons
  11. Directions: Flush after installation for 5 minutes. For best results, change the cartridge at six monthly intervals.
  12. Caution: Do not use water that is not safe microbiologically without proper disinfection.


Single Filter 10″ – Filter Cartridge Housing

Ozone Spring Single Filter 10″ cartridge housing can be assembled on the wall with the metal bracket provided. The housing wrench is employed to tighten and loosen the housing.

The Big Blue filtration systems are specially made to meet the needs of locations requiring a high flow rate, such as a whole house, industrial area, or commercial zone.

Warning: Observing the manufacturer’s instructions is essential for the correct operation.

Specifications of Single Filter 10″:

  • Model Number: OZ_SF10
  • Product: Single FIilter 10″
  • Micron Rating: 5 Micron
  • Max. Flow: 3-5 GPM
  • Working Temperature: 4-52°C(39-126°F)
  • Max. Pressure: 100 psi
  • Normal working pressure: 60 psi
  • Size: Standard 4.5” x 10”
  • Filtration Life: Filtration Life: Change every 3 to 6 months or after filtering 13,000 gallons.
  • It relies on the quality of water and the amount of pollutants present.
  • Directions: Flush after installation for 5 minutes. For best results, change the cartridge at six monthly intervals.
  • Caution: Do not use water that is not microbiologically safe without proper disinfection.

Single Stage Whole House Filter 10"

It’s installed on the main plumbing. It can effectively remove sediment and chlorine from all faucets or showers throughout the premises. This filter can purify a maximum of 75 liters per minute, safeguarding tap washers, hot water systems, and appliances.

The necessary system size can be decided based on the water quality and the contaminants that need to be removed from the water.

Features of Single Filter 10:

  • HIGH QUALITY: The heavy-duty whole-house water filter housing is reinforced polypropylene for strength and chemical resistance. The O-ring is used to ensure leak-free installation.
  • UNIVERSAL SIZE: 10″ x 4.5″ Whole house water filtration system kit that fits 4.5″ x 10″ filter cartridges (sold separately) universally. You have the option to select 10-inch water filters from brands such as Geekpure, iSpring, Ronaqua, Hydronix, Pentek, and others.
  • LARGE FILTRATION CAPACITY: The item includes a 1” FNPT water inlet and outlet for optimal water flow. It can filter a large capacity of water and provide sufficient purified water.
  • EASY INSTALLATION: This big blue filter housing is created for security and convenient usage. It has wrench and built-in Pressure relief switch for easy filter replacement. Just screw off and on to change filter cartridges with a twist. (Including one housing bracket and four screws).
  • EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE: Our services include a one-year warranty, a 30-day money-back guarantee, and lifetime customer support. If you need assistance, feel free to reach out to us, we are here to support you.

Caution to use Single Filter 10″:

  • Do not use water that is not microbiologically safe without proper disinfection.
  • In order to avoid leaks, make sure to lubricate the o-ring correctly and place it securely in the sump’s groove.
  • Do not over-tighten sumps.
  • If you notice a decrease in flow rate, make sure to replace the disposable filter cartridge within less than six months.

Benefits of Single Filter 10″

  • Large Filtration Area & Great Flow: The pleating structure provides a larger filtration area than the other sediment filters of the same size, making the filtration more efficient.
  • Great Flow:Utilizing 3D weaving technology in the filter cloth allows for improved impurity capture and enhanced flow.
  • High Capacity:The filter has the capacity to filter a maximum of 13,000 gallons based on the quality of the water. Recommend changing it every 3-6 months

A Single Stage Whole House Filter a filtration system designed to enhance water quality in a residential or industrial setting, utilizing specialized filter cartridges like carbon block filters or sediment water filters. These water filter systems come in different sizes to accommodate various water flow rates, ranging from 4.5 inches to big blue high-flow systems capable of filtering liters per minute.


These filtration systems by Ozone Spring are designed to remove impurities, sediment, and contaminants from water, ensuring clean and safe drinking water and protecting hot water systems and appliances. Moreover, these water filters meet the requirements of UAE Standard for water filters, 3497, ensuring they are a dependable option for individuals concerned about their water purity.


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