Pure Bath Shower Filter

  1. Product: Pure Bath Shower Filter
  2. Material: Electroplating Surface + ABS
  3. Colour: Silver
  4. Temperature Range: 5-68(℃)
  5. Water Flow: 1 Gallon Per Minute
  6. Water Pressure: 20-80 psi
  7. Filtration Accuracy: 1-5um
  8. Working Principle: Activated Carbon
  9. Filter Element: Composite Filter


Ozone Spring Pure Bath Shower Filter utilizes MK-808 media, effectively eliminating chlorine, rust, unpleasant odors, and various contaminants present in your shower water. MK-808, a granular medium, facilitates fluid flow without causing excessive back pressure or reducing water pressure. Unlike conventional water filtration methods such as activated carbon filters, Ozone Spring MK-808 filters perform optimally even in warm or hot water conditions.

Why Do You Need Ozone Spring Pure Bath Shower Filter ?

    • Constructed from premium ABS material with a chrome plated finish, this product is lightweight, sturdy, and aesthetically pleasing.
    • The shower filter with 15 stages eliminates chlorine and harmful compounds during hot, warm, and cold showers.
    • The healthcare shower system assists in the prevention of dry skin.
    • The high pressure shower head, measuring 4 inches, delivers strong water flow even in situations of low water pressure.
    • The swivel ball joint design enables the shower head angle to be adjusted to your liking in a full 360° rotation.
    •  5 spray modes of Rain, Massage, Mist, Rain & Massage and Rain & Mist meet all your need, simply turn the dial to choose your favorite mode.
    • It is suitable for all standard shower arms due to its universal 1/2″ connections and installation is straightforward.

Pure Bath Shower Filter Protect your hair & Skin by purifying the bathing water, Making your bath and rinse more comfortable and Enjoyable.


    • Improves the look and feel of skin and hair, and helps preserve hair colour treatments.
    • Filtered tap water removes many impurities like rust, red worms, sediment, and colloids, improving the effectiveness of health and beauty products.
    • Ideal for use at home, providing relaxation for seniors, expectant mothers, kids, and those experiencing fatigue from work while promoting a healthy bathing experience. Perfect for individuals with delicate skin and respiratory system.

Filter material includes Activated Carbon, KDF, Calcium Sulphite, Biocera Ceramic Balls, pp Cotton, Medical Stone.

Package Included:
1 x Shower Filter with Cartridge


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