Water Softener Cabinet Type 1035

  1.  Product:Water Softener Cabinet Type 1035
  2.  Size:  114 cm
  3.  Color:  Blue & White
  4.  Control valve
  5.  1035 Fiber Glass Vessel
  6.  Cation resin
  7.  Transformer 12V
  8.  Salt Valve Set
  9.  1” Inlet Connector
  10.  Brine Pipe Connector


Ozone Spring Space saving Water Softener Cabinet Type 1035 combines the resin tank and brine tank inside the cabinet, Creating a more visually appealing and space efficient system. The Fleck meter offers on-demand regeneration, efficiently adjusting based on water usage. Includes your choice of connection. Upgrade to stainless steel for a single piece bypass and yoke, which is suitable for smaller spaces, at a higher cost than the standard plastic connection. Ensure the size matches your plumbing for an easier installation process.

Features of  Water Softener Cabinet Type 1035:

  • Eliminates Hardness (Calcium & Magnesium)
  • Isobar III Control Valve
  • Slide Cover design for easy access
  • On demand meter providing data and history
  • Adjustable Cycle Times
  • Calendar Day Override
  • Exclusive dual valve bypass with 1 inch male national pipe thread connections.
  • High Flow 1” distributor
  • Treated Water Refill with pre-brine option

Whether your water comes from a city or deep well, instantly transform ordinary water into clean, extraordinary water with Ozone Spring whole house water filter and softening systems


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