Ultraviolet 3 Stages FIltration System

  1. Product: Ultraviolet 3 Stages FIltration System
  2. Purification Stages:  3
  3. Micron 5 Sediment Filter 10”x 2.5”
  4. Carbon Block Filter 10”x 2.5”
  5. Micron 5 Sediment Filter 10”x 2.5”
  6. UV -Ultraviolet Water Sterilizer


Ozone Spring Ultraviolet 3 Stages FIltration System Features

  1.  Max working pressure is 130 PSI
  2.  The breaking point is 340 PSI
  3.  CYS testing is 0-150PSI with 10000 times
  4.  The connection port available: ½”, ¾”,1”
  5.  Plastic material available for the port
  6.  The filter canister may have an optional filter cartridge inside.
  7.  Cartridges Size: 10”x2.5”
  8.  Heavy Duty Port Housing
  9.  In/Outlet: 1/5” or 3/4”
  10.  Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Ultraviolet Sterilizer
  11.  Remove 99.99% Chlorine
  12.  Kill 99.99% Bacteria

How Ultraviolet 3 Stages FIltration System Works:

Combining ultrafiltration (UF) with reverse osmosis (RO) in a water purification system can offer several benefits:

  1. Comprehensive Contaminant Removal: UF membranes remove larger particles, including suspended solids, bacteria, and some viruses, while RO membranes target smaller molecules such as dissolved salts, minerals, and organic compounds. By combining UF and RO, the system provides comprehensive contaminant removal, ensuring that water is purified from a wide range of impurities, including both particulate and dissolved contaminants.
  2. Enhanced Water Quality: The combination of UF and RO results in exceptionally high-quality water. UF removes larger particles and microorganisms, improving water clarity, taste, and odor. RO then further purifies the water by removing dissolved salts, minerals, and other contaminants, resulting in clean, clear, and great-tasting drinking water.
  3. Increased Efficiency and Longevity: Integrating UF with RO can enhance the efficiency and longevity of the overall water purification system. UF membranes act as a pre-filtration stage, removing larger particles that could potentially clog or damage the RO membrane. This helps prolong the lifespan of the RO membrane and reduces the frequency of membrane replacement or maintenance, leading to cost savings and improved system performance over time. Additionally, UF membranes can operate at lower pressures than RO membranes, contributing to energy savings and overall system efficiency.

In summary, the combination of UF and RO in a water purification system Ozone Spring offers the best water purifier and comprehensive contaminant removal, enhanced water quality, and increased efficiency and longevity, making it a highly effective and efficient solution for providing clean and safe drinking water.


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