String Wound Filter Cartridge OSS-1045

  1. Product: String Wound Filter Cartridge OSS-1045
  2. Media:  String Wound (textile fabric string)
  3. Cartridge Dimensions:  Approx. 10″x2.5”
  4. Micron:  03,01,05,10,20,25,30,50 Micron


Ozone Spring String Wound Filter Cartridge OSS-1045 is a deep filter cartridge composed of “Textile Fabric Strings” (polypropylene, absorbent cotton) wound onto a multi-hole axis using specific technology. We possess a single OSS series. PolyPure contains loose outer layers and tight inner layers that provide effective depth filtration for high dirt holding capacity and minimal media migration, ensuring compatibility with temperature and chemicals. Ozone Spring String Wound Filter Cartridge OSS-1045 are a more efficient option for fulfilling a range of industrial processing needs including Pre-RO filtration, Food & Beverage, Chemical Filter Solution, Waste Water Treatment, Petrochemical Process, Electronics & Semiconductor applications, among others.

Why use String Wound Filter Cartridge OSS-1045

String wound filter cartridges are a popular choice for water filtration, particularly in regions like the UAE, due to several factors that make them well-suited for a range of applications, especially in handling water quality issues prevalent in such areas. Here’s why they are commonly used:

  1. Effective Sediment Removal: String wound cartridges are excellent for removing sediments, silt, rust, and particles from water. Their design, which consists of tightly wound fibers (commonly polypropylene, cotton, or other materials) around a core, provides a deep filtration mechanism. This is crucial in areas where water might carry a lot of suspended solids due to natural conditions or during desalination and reclamation processes.
  2. Customizable Filtration: These filters can be customized in terms of the materials used, the tightness of the wind, and the micron rating, allowing for specific targeting of particle sizes. This is particularly beneficial in the UAE, where the quality of feed water can vary significantly, requiring versatile filtration solutions.
  3. High Dirt Holding Capacity: String wound cartridges are known for their high dirt holding capacity. This means they can retain a significant amount of particulate matter before requiring replacement, which can be cost-effective for users by reducing the frequency of filter changes.
  4. Temperature and Chemical Resistance: Depending on the fiber material, string wound cartridges can offer good resistance to chemicals and temperatures. This makes them suitable for various applications, including the filtration of hot water and certain chemicals, which might be part of industrial processes in the UAE.
  5. Cost-Effectiveness: String wound filters are generally more affordable compared to other types of cartridges, such as membrane filters. This makes them an economical choice for large-scale or preliminary filtration needs, where high volumes of water are treated.
  6. Scalability: These filters are available in various sizes and filtration grades, making them suitable for both small-scale residential uses and large-scale industrial applications. This scalability is particularly important in the UAE, where the range of applications spans from household water filtration systems to industrial plants.
  7. Ease of Use and Maintenance: String wound cartridges are straightforward to install and replace, which simplifies maintenance for users. This ease of use is essential for ensuring consistent water quality without requiring specialized skills for routine maintenance.

Given these attributes, string wound filter cartridges serve as a robust and versatile solution for managing water purity in the UAE, addressing both the typical and specific challenges of water treatment in the region. Whether for desalination plants, municipal water supply, or industrial applications, these filters provide an effective and efficient means of improving water quality.

String Wound Filter Cartridge OSS-1045


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