String Wound Depth Filter DF-00

  1.  Product: String Wound Depth Filter DF-00
  2.  Media: String Wound Depth Filter
  3.  Upgraded design for better dirt-holding capacity.
  4.  Provides a long lifecycle.
  5.  Materials are approved by the FDA for use in potable and edible applications.
  6.  Nominal micron ratings from 0.1~110 ㎛


Ozone Spring String Wound Depth Filter DF-00 effectively eliminates sediments, chlorine, taste, odour, and organic contaminants from water by ensuring that every particle of the filter element comes into complete contact, Ozone Spring ensuring the maximum adsorption capacity. The solution enters from one end of the filter element, through the whole depth filter end and from the other end of the filter when used.

String Wound Depth Filter DF-00 Oeration Conditions:

  1. Maximum Differential
  2. Pressure: 70 psi (4.8bar) at 25℃
  3. Maximum Temperature: Cotton(121℃) Polypropylene(80℃)

String Wound Depth Filter DF-00 made of:

  1. Fiber:  Polypropylene / Cotton
  2. Matrix:  Polypropylene / Cotton
  3. Core:  Polypropylene / Tinned steel 304 & 316SS


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