Multi Media Duplex Water Filtration

  1. Product: Multi Media Duplex Water Filtration
  2. Model: 13 x 54- 16 x 65- 21 x 63- 24 x 69- 30 x 72
  3. Tank Size: 13 x 54- 16 x 65- 21 x 63- 24 x 69- 30 x 72
  4. Service Flow: 15- 21-39- 48-60-100 -300  (GPM)


Ozone Spring Multi Media Duplex Water Filtration A totally designed system includes a layered Initiated Carbon, Sand and Garnet media bed to convey explaining filtration through a genuine evaluated pore structure. If desired, these systems can also be offered with sand media alone or a dual media with sand and anthracite. Ozone Spring Duplex Water Filtration Use for domestic and Commercial applications, those filters are not only suitable for individual places such as whole house, detached houses, summer houses, villas but also for large locations like buildings, residential areas, and so on.


Features & Benefits of Multi Media Duplex Water Filtration

    • Multi-Media Filter
    • Two Media Tanks
    • Twin-Alternating Filtration
    • Flow Rate: 15 GPM Upto 100 GPM
    • Duplex System
    • Automatic Backwash
    • Simplex and Duplex configurations flexibility

A Multi-Media Duplex Water Filter is a type of filtration system that incorporates two parallel filtration units, typically filled with different types of filter media, to provide continuous water filtration. Overall, a Multi-Media Duplex Water Filtration operates by utilizing two parallel filtration units with multiple layers of filter media to provide continuous and efficient water filtration. This design allows for uninterrupted operation, automatic switching between units, and effective removal of impurities, ensuring clean and purified water for various applications.



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