Jumbo 20 Inch Dual Water filter

  1.  Product: Jumbo 20 Inch Dual Water filter
  2.  Max. Working pressure:  130 PSI.
  3.  Broken pressure:  300 PSI.
  4.  Cyc Testing:  0-150 PSI,
  5.  Available port:  1″ or 1.5”
  6.  Ideal for a wide range of applications.
  7.  Available with clear & Blue
  8.  Thicker walls for increased strength.
  9.  PP Spun 1 Micron, CTO
  10.  Filter cartridge is optional.
  11.  With Bracket & Wrench


Ozone Spring Jumbo 20 Inch Dual Water filter gets rid of chlorine, chemical flavors, smells, and dirt from water, resulting in cleaner, clearer, and safer water for your entire household. Furthermore, they also safeguard your appliances, fixtures, and pipelines.

Ozone Spring Jumbo 20 Inch Dual Water filter are typically installed on the primary water pipeline in a home and can typically filter between 10,000 to 100,000 gallons of water before cartridge replacement is needed. Ozone Spring’s Big Blue Jumbo Water Filtration System is durable and equipped with a pressure relief valve, made of NSF certified materials. It is advised to use a sediment filter of at least 05 micron first, followed by an activated carbon or 5 micron carbon block filter.


Filtration Stages of Jumbo 20 Inch Dual Water filter:

Stage 1:  1 & 5 Micron Pleated – This removes larger particles larger than 1 & 5 micron from your water supply, taking out larger items like leaves and physical debris

Stage 2:  Carbon Filters are ideal at removing odours taste and chlorine from your water supply, we have options of solid block carbon filters and granular activated carbon filters. Carbon block filter (CTO) and granular carbon filters (GAC) have similarities in design. The CTO can slow water flow but provides better filtration results, while the GAC allows faster flow rates but may slightly hinder filtration effectiveness by channeling water.


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