Dosing Pump

  1. Product: Analog & Motor Driven Dosing Pump
  2. Flow Rate: 05 ltr/hr
  3. Pressure: 08 bar
  4. Head: PP
  5. Protection: IP65
  6. Stroke Rate (spm): 105


Analog Dosing Pump

Analog Dosing Pump from Ozone Spring is praised for its ability to maintain a consistent fluid flow rate. The Ozone Spring analog dosing pump is widely utilized in water treatment facilities, oil fields, food processing facilities, and pharmaceutical companies, as well as for swimming pools, cleaning, and various industries. Analog dosing pumps are essential devices used in various industries for precise and controlled dosing of liquids. They are typically simpler and more cost-effective compared to their digital counterparts but offer sufficient accuracy for many applications where fluid delivery needs to be exact but not necessarily programmable via digital interfaces.

Analog Dosing Pump

Applications of Analog Dosing Pumps

  1. Water Treatment: Used to add precise amounts of chemicals for water purification and pH control.
  2. Agriculture: Help in the dosing of fertilizers and pesticides in irrigation systems.
  3. Manufacturing: Used for adding lubricants, cooling agents, or chemicals in processes.
  4. Food and Beverage: Ensure the correct addition of flavors, colors, preservatives, and other additives.
  5. Pharmaceuticals: Critical for the controlled dosing of ingredients in drug manufacturing.

Motor Driven Dosing Pump

Ozone Spring Motor Driven Dosing Pumps are a type of metering pump widely used in various industries for precise chemical dosing. Ozone Spring Motor Driven pumps use an electric motor to generate the mechanical force needed to move the pump components and deliver a specific volume of fluid at a controlled rate. Motor-driven dosing pumps are preferred in applications requiring consistent and accurate chemical dosing, especially in scenarios where automation and control over the dosing process are critical.

Motor Driven Dosing Pump

Applications of Motor Driven Dosing Pumps

  • Water Treatment: Adding disinfectants, coagulants, pH adjusters, and other treatment chemicals.
  • Chemical Processing: Dosing additives, catalysts, or reactants in chemical synthesis processes.
  • Pharmaceuticals: Precise dosing of ingredients in batch or continuous processing.
  • Food and Beverage: Adding flavors, colors, preservatives, or other necessary chemicals.
  • Oil and Gas: Injection of inhibitors, methanol, and other chemicals to maintain pipeline integrity and process efficiency.


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