Copper and Silver Ionization

  • Product: Copper and Silver Ionization
  • Highest Level of Antimmicrobial Activity
  • Does not change Taste or Odor of Water.
  • Does not form any kind of Disinfection in Water.
  • Gives Longer Shelf life to Water.
  • kills all Kind of Bactaria and Viruses.
  • Equipped with ESS Technology


Ozone Spring Copper and Silver Ionization gives you the ease of knowing that your water system is completely purified and protected with minimal maintenance. Compared to other disinfection methods like hyperchlorination, thermal eradication, ozone disinfection, and ultraviolet radiation, copper-silver ionization is safer, more effective, lasts longer, and is more reliable. Here are five long-term benefits of utilizing Ozone Spring copper-silver ionization over other disinfection methods.


Know more about Copper and Silver Ionization

1. No harmful by-products, eco-friendly, and safe

Ozone Spring Copper and Silver ionization is the most secure and environmentally friendly option for additional water purification. Alternate techniques, such as hyperchlorination, function by introducing large amounts of chlorine into the water system to eliminate bacteria. Research shows that around 70 percent of chlorine dioxide breaks down in hot water, so very high levels of chlorine are needed to maintain effectiveness. Keeping up with such a dense concentration poses difficulties and results in the production of confirmed carcinogenic substances. By infusing the water supply with small amounts of copper and silver, the process of copper-silver ionization works to ward off dangerous byproducts, cancer-causing hazards, and negative health implications.

2. Minimal maintenance for your team

Unlike hyperchlorination, Copper and Silver Ionization does not require continuous dosing. Other disinfecting methods like thermal eradication are time-consuming, tedious, and labor-intensive because numerous personnel monitors distal sites, water tank temperatures, and flushing times are required to prevent bacterial recolonization in the water system. Installation of copper-silver ionization is straightforward and only needs limited supervision and upkeep, and if desired, our team can handle all tasks under the service agreement.


3. Residual protection

Studies indicate that residual protection can continue for a period of two months following the deactivation of a copper-silver system, as the ions remain in circulation within the plumbing system, offering ongoing protection against bacteria. In comparison, hyperchlorination is only successful for brief periods due to the fact that bacteria tend to come back once the disinfectant levels decrease. Similarly, ozone disinfection and ultraviolet radiation do not offer long-lasting protection and might need an additional disinfectant. A protective barrier is established in order to avoid pollution while employing copper-silver ionization, even when the system is inactive.


4. No corrosive effects

The majority of chemical solutions are known to be damaging to your plumbing system over time, leading to pinhole leaks and expensive problems necessitating equipment replacements. The application of ozone disinfection involves a strong electrical current that could potentially harm the valves and pumps within the system. A common misconception about copper-silver ionization is that copper ions have corrosive effects. This is not the case. Ozone Spring Copper and Silver Ionization keeps the plumbing intact to ensure the longevity of your plumbing infrastructure.

5. Better for your budget

Ozone Spring Copper and Silver Ionization is more cost-effective in terms of consumables than traditional disinfection methods. Hyperchlorination causes expensive corrosion due to prolonged disinfection. Similar to thermal destruction, extended use can become operationally challenging because of rising energy expenses needed to sustain elevated hot-water levels. Additional maintenance expenses occur with other technologies or options in addition to the initial system investment. Utilizing copper-silver ionization presents the best economic option. It saves money by getting rid of the necessity to spend more on sanitizers, clarifiers, maintenance, monitoring, and staff training, quickly offsetting its cost.




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