Big Bubba Filter

  • Product: Big Bubba Filter
  • MAX. Water Temp:  52°C / 125° F*
  • Overall Dimensions: 40″(h)  x  12″(w)
  • MAX. Working Pressure: 8.77 bar / 127 psi
  • Port Size:  2″
  • Filter Lenght:  26 1/4″


Ozone Spring Big Bubba Filter features two outlets positioned on opposite ends to allow for a variety of piping configurations, including parallel and series setups, offering enhanced flexibility. An unused outlet is equipped with a plug. The pleated powdered Activated Carbon filter for Ozone Spring Big Bubba features an impressive 40.5 square feet of filtering surface due to its advanced structure. In contrast to carbon block filters, the pleated design offers nearly unlimited flow and significantly more resistance to early clogging.

The filter can theoretically remove chlorine from approximately 140,000 gallons of regular city tap water when flowing at a rate of 12 gallons per minute. The Big Bubba cartridge is perfect for enhancing the taste and appearance of municipal tap water, while also removing chlorine effectively for an extended period of time.

Ozone Spring Big Bubba filters are perfect for various purposes.

    • Whole house filtration
    • Commercial filtration
    • Industrial filtration
    • Pre-filtration for reverse osmosis equipment
    • Community water systems
    • Sea water applications
    • Substitute bag filters with a higher filter area.
    • Alternative to using multiple cartridge filters for increased convenience
    • Water for livestock and poultry



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