Activated Carbon Filter Cartridge OSA-10

  1.  Product: Activated Carbon Filter Cartridge OSA-10
  2.  Filter Size: 10” x 2.5”
  3.  Increased Carbon contact time
  4.  Suits standard 10″ water filter housings
  5.  Change every 3-4 months
  6. Excellent taste and odour reduction


Ozone Spring Activated Carbon Filter Cartridge OSA-10 remove sediments, chlorine, taste, odour, and organic contaminants effectively from water because each particle of the filters element has full contact with the solutions, thus ensuring the maximum adsorption capacity. The solution flows through the entire activated carbon bed, entering from one end of the filter element and exiting from the other end when in use.

Ozone Spring Activated Carbon Filter Cartridge OSA-10 use advanced activated carbon technology to achieve superior reduction of chloramines and chlorine. The activated carbon cartridge is utilized to remove impurities through either single or double cleansing. It can contain a variety of chemicals. Coconut-based activated carbon is used to guarantee the high quality of drinking water. The blockage of this cartridge prevents germs from spreading and helps maintain its filtering properties for a longer period.

Why use Activated Carbon Filter Cartridge OSA-10

Using activated carbon filter cartridges in the UAE is particularly beneficial due to the region’s specific environmental and industrial conditions. Activated carbon filters are widely used for water purification, air filtration, and in various industrial processes. Here’s why they are especially useful in the UAE:

  1. Water Purification: The UAE has a predominantly arid climate with scarce freshwater resources, relying heavily on desalination plants to provide potable water. Activated carbon filters are crucial in these processes because they effectively remove chlorine, sediments, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from water, improving taste and odor, and ensuring safety for consumption.
  2. Air Quality Control: With rapid industrialization and urbanization, air quality can be a concern in densely populated areas and industrial zones. Activated carbon filters help in removing pollutants, chemicals, and odors from the air, which is vital for maintaining healthy indoor air quality in homes, offices, and factories.
  3. Industrial Applications: The UAE’s robust oil and gas industry uses activated carbon filters to treat wastewater, remove oil and other contaminants, and in processes where purification of gases and recovery of precious metals are required. These filters are effective in controlling emissions and in protecting equipment from contaminant build-up.
  4. Health and Safety Concerns: In areas with high levels of pollution or specific health and safety regulations, activated carbon filters provide an additional layer of protection by trapping toxic compounds and preventing them from affecting human health or entering the environment.
  5. Cost-Effectiveness and Efficiency: Activated carbon is a cost-effective filtration media due to its high degree of microporosity, which provides a large surface area for adsorption. It is also relatively easy to maintain and replace, making it a practical choice for continuous use in commercial, industrial, and residential settings.
  6. Tourism and Hospitality: With the UAE being a major hub for tourism and business, maintaining pristine conditions in hotels, resorts, and other public venues is essential. Activated carbon filters are used in HVAC systems and water filtration systems to ensure high standards of cleanliness and comfort for visitors.

Overall, the use of activated carbon filter cartridges in the UAE addresses specific local needs related to water scarcity, environmental pollution, and industrial processes, enhancing the quality of life and supporting sustainable development in the region.


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