800 GPD Deionized Water RO System

  1. Product: 800 GPD Deionized Water RO System
  2. 3x filter housings 20 “
  3. 2x primary cleaning cartridges and a block carbon cartridge
  4. Fiberglass body of reverse osmosis membrane
  5. Reverse Osmosis Membrane
  6. Block for preventing the precipitation of hardness salts
  7. Inlet and drain Solenoid Valve
  8. Booster pump (240 gph)
  9. Membrane backwash controller
  10. Water salinity meter
  11. Pressure regulator, gauges & flowmeters
  12. Frame for installing all system elements
  13. Dimensions:  800 x 500 x 1450 mm
  14. Productivity:  800 GPD
  15. Permissible Water Temperature:  4–45 ° С


Ozone Spring 800 GPD Deionized Water RO System Provides 800 Gallon Per Day of Clean & Clear Deionized Water. Deionized Water is Suitable for your Aquarium, Laboratories, Pet and Many other Uses where high production of Ro/Di water is needed. Thoroughly tested & Proven to remove 99% contaminants & even the smallest impurities for perfect 0 TDS Water. The Ozone Spring Ro/DI System eliminates chlorine, hardness, heavy metals, toxins, and a wide range of other water contaminants.

If you require Deionized Water, then you should use reverse osmosis (RO) as the primary demineralization method and use DI as the secondary demineralization method. Why use both processes and not just DI? It is quite straightforward, Demineralizing water using deionization is approximately 300% more expensive than using reverse osmosis

800 GPD Deionized Water RO System:

Ozone Spring 5 Stages 800 GPD Deionized Water RO System in Dubai, UAE. Top Water Filter Plant transforms your water into clean drinking water. Ozone Spring provides high quality Reverse Osmosis Systems are the most economical in the International market. Choose this top drinking water option for your daily requirements. Opt for a nutritious selection with a high-grade item now. Buy now  5 Stages 800 GPD Light Commercial RO Plant and get free home delivery. The best RO Plant in United Arab Emirates.

Let’s examine in more detail the components included in a reverse osmosis system.

Stage 1 – (SED) 20″ Slim Line Sediment Filter

The water flows through a polypropylene sediment filter with a large capacity, 20-inch Slim line, eliminating particles up to 5 microns such as rust, dust, and sediment. This prevents taste and color alteration in water and potential clogging of the system.

Stage 2 – (GAC) 20″ Slim Line Granular Activated Carbon Filter

For the second stage , Hydronix  incorporates a granular activated 20-inch Slim line carbon filter. It also gets rid of impurities measuring up to 5 microns. This is a pre-filter for the next stage. In the second phase, the water eliminates chlorine, bad taste, smell, color, and cloudiness.

Stage 3 – (ACB) 20″ Slim Line Activated Carbon Block Filter

Next, the water passes through a more compact carbon block filter. It’s also a 5 micron 20″ slim line filter that further removes any residual CTO (chlorine, taste and odor). During this phase, the filter eliminates challenging chemicals such as chloramines, making the water safe for drinking

Stage 4 – (ROM) Reverse Osmosis Membrane

In the 4th stage water is pressed through the heart of the Ozone Spring RO system – the high rejection TFC Hydronix RO membrane with tiny holes of .0001 micron. This technology is utilized by companies for manufacturing bottled water. This semi-permeable membrane, certified by NSF, efficiently eliminates TDS, lead, arsenic, sodium, cysts, giardia, chromium, and various other pollutants.

Stage 5 – (PAC) Post Activated Carbon

The final step involves a more refined GAC filter, serving as a final polishing in-line filter to eliminate any remaining tastes and odors in the water as it exits the storage tank.

Filter Replacement Schedule of  5 Stage 800 GPD Deionized Water RO System

Stages Replacement Time
Stage 1 SED 20 After 2 Months
Stage 2 GAC 20 After 2 Months
Stage 3 ACB 20 After 2 Months
Stage 4 ROM Membrane 200×4 After 1 year
Stage 5 PAC T33 Carbon After 1 Year


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