100 GPM-HTM Ultraviolet Water Sterlizer

  1. Product: 100 GPM-HTM Ultraviolet Water Sterlizer
  2. Dimension (mm):  980(L) x 280(W) x 280(D)
  3. Electrical Volts:  110/220V / 50/60HZ
  4. Flow Rate :  100-GPM
  5. In/out Port :  2” or Flange
  6. UV Lamp (PC) :  6
  7. Quartz Sleeve (PC) :  6
  8. Lamp Failure Device :  Yes
  9. Ambient Temperature :  2-50oC
  10. Lamp Watts : 40w x 6
  11. Chamber :  SS304


Ozone Spring 100 GPM-HTM Ultraviolet Water Sterlizer is one way to disinfect and kill this bacteria and viruses in the water. Having a different capacity or flow rate, it can be used in a wide range of application whether that is for Domestic, Commercial and Industrial purposes. The best way to disinfect water from bacteria is through Ozone Spring ultraviolet water purification. UV rays go through dangerous pathogens in the water of your house and eliminate disease-causing microorganisms by targeting their genetic core.

Features of 100 GPM-HTM Ultraviolet Water Sterlizer:

  1.  Heavy duty stainless steel.
  2.  Heavy duty quartz sleeve.
  3.  High output, hard glass UV lamps for max. efficiency.
  4.  Ballast equipped with lamp failure indicator and Alert buzzer.
  5.  Ceramic end cap of UV lamp. LightSource USA
  6.  30,000 mic. watt sec/cm Energy of 254 nm wave length.
  7.  Low power consumption
  8.  9000 hours lamp life (approx. 1 year of use)
  9.  110 / 220V, 50Hz / 60Hz
  10.  Vertical or horizontal installation
  11.  Max. working pressure 125 Psi

How UltraViolet Sterlization Works:

UV water sterilization is a highly effective method used to disinfect water by exposing it to ultraviolet (UV) light. In this process, water flows through a chamber where it is exposed to UV light emitted by a special lamp. The UV light penetrates the cells of harmful microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses, and protozoa, disrupting their DNA and preventing them from reproducing. As a result, the microorganisms are rendered inactive and unable to cause infections or diseases.

One of the key advantages of 100 GPM-HTM Ultraviolet Water Sterlizer is its ability to provide chemical-free disinfection. Unlike traditional methods such as chlorination, UV sterilization does not introduce any chemicals into the water, making it safe and environmentally friendly. Additionally, UV treatment does not alter the taste, odor, or pH of the water, ensuring that the treated water remains safe and palatable for consumption. This makes UV sterilization an ideal choice for water purification in residential, commercial, and industrial settings.

Furthermore, UV water sterilization is a relatively quick and efficient process, capable of treating large volumes of water within seconds. It requires minimal maintenance, with only periodic lamp replacement and cleaning of the UV chamber necessary to ensure optimal performance. UV systems are also compact and easy to install, making them suitable for a wide range of applications, including drinking water treatment, wastewater disinfection, and swimming pool purification. Overall, UV water sterilization offers a safe, effective, and convenient solution for ensuring the microbiological purity of water.


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